As a team, FantasyCraft dates back to 2010, when the first founding member Joni T. began to collect a small group of like-minded individuals who were interested in developing games. In the end the core of four members were asked to the team and with that plans for the first game began to take form. It was not long after beginning that the gravity of the upcoming workload forced one founding member to leave the team, but with luck a replacement was soon found.

In 2011, the team finally got its name, FantasyCraft, consisting then the leader and software developer Joni T., musician and developer Stefan R., story designer Veli-Matti O. and soon after the latest addition to the team, graphics designer Elina V-M. They then became the official founders of the team.

From the very beginning FantasyCraft’s main objective has been to create great games, with all the knowledge and experience its members possess. Wanting to take challenges along the way the team began their work with creating their own engine for their games. Building it from scratch we aim to create it as versatile as possible to best serve our interests as game designers and through that, the best interest of the gamers.

At the very moment we are still rather young and small group in the industry and we have a long way to go before we can truly take our place with the more namely gamedev teams, but we won’t let that phase us. We are both hardworking and hard at work to bring our games to you. We hope you’ll enjoy the ride as much as the final results it will yield. We know we will and that’s one of our focuses, to have fun and bring the fun to you too. Thank you for joining that fun.